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Our team has a combined total of over 4,000 km of Camino De Santiago travel and are dedicated to continuing and expanding our charitable mission. We are a family of creative minds, qualified volunteers, and diverse professionals who focus our different skills and expertise on a singular goal of serving the needs of our clients from all over the world. Read more about our individual team members below.


Ken Scott with Leo

Honorary President


Ken Scott and Leo

I am Ken Scott, an author by profession and I am delighted to have accepted the position of Honorary President of this wonderful charity, which has a purpose and aims very close to my heart. 
This team of experienced Camino hikers want to share their incredible experiences with others, to invite individuals to an adventure along ‘THE WAY’, on the route of the famous Camino de Santiago, where people have been walking since the 9th Century. 

The books I have recently been involved with cover a wide spectrum of issues, but it’s fair to say that I have been working with people who have had a difficult start in life, all of which result in problems right up to the present day. They write for therapeutic reasons for the most part, for closure, some write so that others who have suffered physical, mental and sexual abuse can relate to them and realise they are not alone. Some of the worlds my subjects come from haven’t been kind to them. And yet, the people who I sit down and write with all have one thing in common, they are trying to put their bad times behind them, they are trying to move on. One of my authors once said to me, when they write my obituary, I want them to say one thing- She kept going

That’s exactly the sort of person I think would benefit from walking ‘THE WAY’ with this wonderful charity. 
There is a mystique to walking THE WAY, the route is said to lie on ley lines that mimic the route of the Milky Way, interlocking lines of energy which align to a number of places of geographical interest, such as ancient monuments. Almost everybody who walks ‘THE WAY’ of St James,’ experience an inner calm as they walk, tens of thousands of walkers and cyclists undertake the challenge of ‘THE WAY’ every year, to get fit, lose weight, heal or cleanse themselves, to return home with their mind and body in a more healthier place than when they started out. 
Having completed over 1000 kms on THE WAY, myself, I can confirm that the Camino is a real head cleaner. The beauty of ‘THE WAY’, is that it gives you time to think and to evaluate yourself and life in general. Where you can walk and talk and look at all the beautiful things around you, to be at one with nature where a bottle of water and some good walking shoes are the only thing that matters and as time goes by, you can leave your troubles behind as it slowly sinks in that world isn’t such a bad place.
It won’t be for everyone, first and foremost any applicant will need to be reasonably fit and have a determination to see this adventure through in times of adversity. There is no doubt about it, it will be tough and there will be numerous times, perhaps on a rainy day on the plateaus of the Cantabrian mountains where certain individuals will want to call it a day.
And that’s okay, because there’ll be a support vehicle within close range, a minibus carrying tents and sleeping bags and supplies and dry clothes and plenty of room for the one or two individuals who may be thinking, “not today thanks, I want a rest.”
There would be one golden rule on the Camino Challenges of ‘SHOW ME THE WAY’ – there are no rules.
Our charity is looking for people who haven’t had the greatest start in life but more than that we are looking for individuals who want to move on and build something better, to make something of their lives. There will be no cost to our successful candidates, our charity will raise the funds through donations, sponsorship and crowdfunding and I can think of no better therapy than to walk the Camino de Santiago.
Let us ‘show you THE WAY,’ and perhaps the Camino de Santiago may help lay the foundations
for rebuilding your life.


Luciana Teunissen

Trip coordinator

With extensive experience of the Camino and a strong belief in the power of charity and helping others, Luciana is committed to changing the world. There really couldn’t be a more dedicated Coordinator and we’re so happy to have Luciana as one of the founding members of the Show me THE WAY family.


Stephen Nash.

Medical and Trip Advisor

Stephen is one of our founding members and has experience of The Camino and is a professional Therapist, Martial Arts instructor, Yoga, and, Tai Chi instructor with a strong desire to make the world a better, safer place to be in. Having worked in the UK for many years within Forensic Units in Psychiatric Hospitals and Prisons, leaving his job behind to move to Spain, Show me THE WAY family is the path chosen by Stephen to fulfil this desire to help others find their true selves.



Friendly Travel Companion

Personable and friendly, Rafa is beloved by both our donors and our program managers. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful friend and companion on our staff.

We are always looking for volunteers with a desire to help others, you will have to meet a required criteria to be eligible please contact us if you wish to help.

 Registered Office

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Mobile:- 0034-654049507

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