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Up and Down Orxeta

21st November saw Luci, Rafa our dog and myself embark on circumnavigating Orxeta reservoir.

Unfortunately the parking area was closed off at the assumed start point of trip due to, nobody knows!

So we went as far as the car could go and set off on tour of the reservoir, which I might add is quite picturesque. Downward we ambled to the shoreline, fantastic views water reflecting the blue sky.

After an hour of successful rambling the water seemed to veer off to the left for an awfully long way, and the terrain got higher from the water line so high in fact we couldn't cross the ravine, so we trudged up the hill to the main road and walked until we came to the bridge crossing the ravine.

Following the road until we could descend to the shore line again.

Once on the shore line another hour was spent enjoying the views and tranquillity as we continued to circumnavigate with the full hope of completing the circumference of the reservoir.

Alas a repetition of the first obstacle appeared in front of us only this time twice as high as the first with a path at the top about 2 feet wide and a sheer drop to the water and a wide crack in the middle that would require some skilled leaping, the decision using Rafa as an excuse was to retrace our way back, stopping for a picnic to recharge our batteries and soothe our disappointment. again up and down steep Camino pathways to our car, 9km in all which felt like 29km, even Rafa was dead beat for two days and he is like a mountain goat. Pictures are on our photo page.

All in all a good day even though our challenge got the better of us, we shall look for more walks to enjoy the Spanish rivers, lakes, reservoirs, hills, mountains and all that Spain has to offer those of an intrepid calling.

Be safe!


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