Show me THE WAY


Show me the Way' is a registered charity, set up with the intention to help people who are trying to overcome immense personal challenges in their lives. ' is the website where we offer applicants who have suffered trauma or a series of traumatic events, the opportunity to be guided along the spiritual path of the Camino de Santiago, also known as 'THE WAY.'

Our founders and trustees have clocked up thousands of kilometres on the Camino's well travelled pathways and want to share their experiences with organised and fully supported adventures, three or four times a year.   

Our mission is a simple one, those who join us will have the opportunity to grow, mentally, physically,emotionally and spiritually. We want our successful applicants to discover more about themselves, to step outside of their comfort zone and realise what a beautiful place the world can be if you look hard enough. 

Our founders are volunteers and we intend to fully fund each adventure through sponsorship and donations.

Walking The Way
Reflecting in the Meadow

The world is a beautiful place if you look hard enough.