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What to expect

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What will our Adventure entail?

Before you take a look at this page, we suggest you jump into Google and do your own research on the Camino de la  Alhambra.

Guide book going to print soon.

We will be walking approximately 402 kms. from Altea to Granada in various stages depending on the timescale of walking availability or from any starting point of choice according to circumstances in Southern Spain to Camino de la Alhambra, hiking the beautiful regions of  Alicante, Murcia, Almeria, to Granada. We will be covering a minimum of 20km per day, (12.5 miles) so each applicant will need to have to have a reasonable fitness level. There will be 12 days walking, two days set aside for travelling.

We will not be staying in luxury hotels, The Camino de la Alhambra will offer a  journey of reflection. We will be going back to nature with simple food, perhaps a little wine, sleeping in an albergue or Refugio and some nights camping (with shower and bathroom facilities.)  It’s important you research what an albergue is, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea but very much a part of the journey along THE CAMINO.

Some days we will walk as a group, other days in 2s and 3s, and some days we will walk solitary, setting off at 15-minute intervals to enjoy the solitude of the Spanish countryside.

We guarantee you will have good and bad days on the Camino but it will always be an adventure and while the good days will bring you joy, the bad days will give you experience. Even the worst days will give you a lesson in life and above all, you will have the memories forever.

There may be days that you feel like quitting, we simply ask you to take a rest and enjoy the countryside from our support vehicle. Don’t quit the Camino…rest.

Show me THE WAY, will provide all of your camping necessities and our support vehicle will carry your main luggage, all you will carry is a day pack. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided each day, you’ll simply need to buy your own drinks and whatever you wish to snack along THE CAMINO. 

Accomodation Andalucia
Camping the Ahambra way
Hosels on the costas
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